HMC’s human resource policy is to attract and retain the best and the brightest in the membership, hospitality and related industries.

Program managers are identified, screened, and put though 4 weeks of HMC classroom training before they are introduced to a field program where they receive additional on-the-job training and experience for several more weeks.

HMC training schools are located in each region.  Successful candidates, once they have completed formal training, are given the opportunity to run a program.

Each Telemarketing Sales Representative is trained for an average of 10 days and we provide a daily refresher at the opening and closing of each shift.

HMC’s policy is zero tolerance on deviation of approved scripts or misrepresentation.

On-Site Partner Hotel Training

On property, HMC trains all levels of hotel staff and provides a detailed Hotel training manual and outlet “cheat-sheets”.

Training covers the entire program from why the program is being introduced, what the expectations of the program are, how it will operate, how to treat the members, the value of strong and positive member recognition, how to provide a pleasant environment for members, and defining the specific benefits of the program.

It is essential that the program is viewed as a living and breathing part of the hotel and its operation and not as a discount card which is sold by a third-party. The culture surrounding the program and the way that members are treated has a large impact on the renewal ratio.

Every employee is given a program overview, every employee who ‘touches’ a member is extensively trained, every cashier and IT staff on the use of the tracking system and data collection. Additionally, HMC will train specific hotel personnel on the use of the CRM and various promotional tools available for marketing to members.

HMC will produce complete and detailed training manuals for both the program and CRM applications and a full induction power point which can be used by the hotels HR / Training department for ongoing training.