Competitive Advantages

Innovation at All Costs

At HMC we are always fine-tuning, innovating, and enhancing our applications – looking for new ways to increase revenues for our partners and improve our suite of products.

Whether it’s enhancing our time-proven member recruitment methods, or augmenting the value of the services and products we offer our partners, HMC’s innovations lead the industry in exceeding loyalty program revenue and profitability objectives.

CRM Screenshot

HMC’s Core Competitive Advantages

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions – HMC’s CRM is a simple to use, yet high-powered software program that links member usage and customer data directly with reporting systems and campaign management tools (more)
  • Advanced POS and PMS Usage Tracking – Usage data is collected automatically and electronically in real-time at the POS and PMS terminals in each partner hotel, then transmitted to HMC’s CRM databases (more)
  • Custom E-Commerce Solutions – HMC provides extensive E-Commerce marketing capabilities for all of our membership loyalty programs (more)
  • CLUBHOTEL – HMC’s global network of over 700 premier hotel and resorts worldwide which provide reciprocal benefits to members of participating paid membership programs and global marketing opportunities to partner hotels (more)
  • Industry leading loyalty program Mobile Apps  (more)